• Secret pacts with intelligence

Secret pacts with intelligence

If you precious to be a smart individual must associate with people who are smarter than you. Whether you are a professional or run a business must set up a system of multiple strategic alliances through confidentiality agreements.
external resources. Do you count them or live your visa as if there were? What's wrong with asking for help? Why it makes you so hard? What internal conversation is hidden behind the want to do everything alone? What fears appear to be able to count on others? Do you fear that you say no or have to repay favors? They'll educated for self-sufficiency but now works as a team. Accomplish things only rarely is achieved. So you will want to support your goals with external resources that have or you can create.
The price of a screw. An engineer manages a computer worth US $ 12 million. Press a few keys, pulls out a screwdriver, tighten a screw and check that it works. The president of the company wants to pay. They are u $ s 1,000 A thousand working for a while? Why tighten a bolt? I will pay if I justified. The next day, the president received the bill, shook his head and proceeded to pay on the spot without hesitation. The bill said service detail: 1. Tighten a screw ... 1 dollar. 2. Know I screw tightening ... $ 999.
We live in a knowledge society therefore it is necessary to know where to place because knowledge is increasingly specialized.
The knowledge economy invests in human and social capital, and encourages innovation. It is based on creating new intangible intellectual assets that enhance the value of what you offer and which is embodied in an added value that is synonymous with applied knowledge.
The silver bridge from underdevelopment to development is knowledge and manage it is to convert knowledge into innovation.
It is inappropriate to emphasize the negative rather than illuminate the potential of what a human being is capable of. For that inclusive education and a community that does not deny or reject differences and underpin autonomy, self-determination and inclusion is required. should not focus on labels, but favor the person-centered planning and development possibilities
Take off the mask. Your personality is the mask you use to socialize and interact with others. It's like clothes, you need to not go naked. Then you think you are that you were creating and you can not see what was in the shade. So you reduce your true self to your false ego. Try to distinguish your egocentric desires of genuine finds the junction point where converge the conscious and the unconscious.
While the shadow deny your Ego continue puffing. So discover your true self.
vocational intelligence. There are favorable conditions for those who do not know where you want to arrive winds. The desire to appropriate oneself confronted with the social pressure to be what others want us to be. The subject held free is believed unaware that has been created from the outside and that their interest is not own but responds to outside interests. The social mandate requires decided. No you can not choose.
Nor is it easy to define what it means to study something Is seeking the meaning the meaning of life or adapt to a job role? You can not stop studying, but the sense exceeds the options presented. Upon completion of secondary school is defined future. Social pressure press who does not know what to study and labeled as suffering an identity crisis, as if the identity was not a state of permanent crisis.
Being is not something definitive: what study does not define who I am. I mean, I'm not what I study. I am many things that I want and is a battlefield between different fragments conflict should be imposed but none as unique. You can not dissociate the vocation and profession not be so clear that one is not engaged in what is supposed to want. You can do many things at once: the issue is how. If instead of doing what we like, using the internal compass we adjust to do what we sell consumer society, which offers a radar to imitate the rich and famous, we are not citizens but consumers. If society creates individuals who do what they want, cut both its social productivity as their personal performance.
The more conservative look looking argue that existing professions express all possible vocations. The most revolutionary gaze remains convinced that all vocations find their channel. You have to choose what you want, the abnormal is doing something that is not believed. The natural vocation must not be subordinated to job prospects. Must be respected and not void the genuine vocation.
Choosing the college career is the great decision to make the teenager when completing secondary school. It influences the choice your level of preparation, without that the field of choice to easy "" races "is reduced. The university future is closely linked to the socioeconomic development of nations. Today thrive nations train their university, the twenty-first century is the century of the university, as the twentieth century was the high school and elementary XIX. Not be natural resources that attract investment but human capital. The countries leading economic growth have a high share of graduates in science and technology careers. But this fact should be highlighted and known by the adolescent who seeks choose a career with good job prospects.
social intelligence. Individual differences produce an important social benefit, since the synergy generated produces a whole greater than the simple sum of the parts. It is important that organizations teach those who know and those who ignore learn We are all knowledgeable in certain topics and ignorant in others. The theory of multiple intelligence states that everyone has a special talent.
Knowledge is the only resource that grows when it is shared. In an attitude of teaching and learning improvement by expanding the brain neural networks and strengthens memory practice teaching what you know.
Compared with the best. You have to manage knowledge considering what the successful teams and learn from them. The problem is how to locate where those resources or people who have different types and levels of knowledge are.
A common mistake is to generate competitive internal contexts where each receives benefits their individual performance. And he has no interest in sharing his knowledge as it would create competition and decrease their profits. Then they devote their time to work on his own, without help others progress. Knowledge management is to provide conditions for knowledge to circulate and reward those who share it.
Intelligence methods. The explosion of knowledge makes it impossible for a professional based solely on their ability. Technical knowledge management and performance enhancing intelligence have created "intelligence methods" that extends beyond the specialist who only has a hammer of his knowledge and, therefore, all you see is a nail. The methods are the greatest wealth of man.
Look at the company as an organization that learns, requires rethinking processes, the role of individuals, measurement systems and that learning is not seen as a waste of time that interferes with work, expensive and only the responsibility of the area training
Check list. It is a list of the key factors of a task to prevent failures due to defects of memory, concentration or overconfidence.
The brain is not a perfect piece, usually fail. Like the devil puts his tail in the details, anticipate is best. Organize tasks is simple but difficult to accept for reactive minds, who do not wish to anticipate and prefer to solve problems only when they appear.
They argue that making lists is for knuckleheads. However, in many industries responsible for the review you are responsible for their failures.
Before takeoff pilots use lists fighting oblivion. Reads a pilot and the other answers and checks. They are repeated in each phase of flight: to get to the plane, before rolling, takeoff, climbing, descending, etc.
In the LAPA Flight 3142 that crashed on 08.31.1999, the pilots did not use the check list. When you start the takeoff began to sound an alarm, the pilots did not hear, and indicated that the flaps were retracted, which made the plane crashed. The report of the Board of Investigation, said JIAAC study the experience of the pilots emerged that repeated errors and that although able to overcome in harsh environments, reappeared in the environment undisciplined cabin. One of the pilots also had its license expired. The pilots had influence, but it was shown that the lack of controls added. The check list must be controlled by the company and the government.
Check list in the office. At the dawn of knowledge management networks, communities of practice and knowledge deposits were created to encourage community information. Night stay supposed to communicate what they learned and come before to learn from others. Just in time adopt and check list was easier when they grew malpractice lawsuits.
The update of knowledge should add the best. The check list gives orders but no suggestions and involves a culture of teamwork and performance measurement. Transforming the valuations of doctors in actions requires control logic patterns between what the doctor orders it done and what should ask. A computer system checks the patient's history and calls for its decision.
After all, medical science can not use the globalist method of Galileo. The system informs the doctor about the unintended consequences of the study requested or recommended medication. There are remedies that kill and decisions that can not be delayed. The system warns about abnormalities, monitors in real time without leaving everything delivered to intuition or experience. These improvements save lives and reduce costs. Incorporate knowledge to the clinic, it is a recent specialty. Doctors are used to decide on their own, enjoy some autonomy and hospitals for those working are reluctant to change their way of working.
Learning to teach. We must learn to get others to learn and not simply to transmit information. Learning takes practice so they can do what they previously could not. What is learned becomes organizational knowledge if there is a deliberate process of sharing, if not the knowledge is retained and the company does not learn. To this must be instantiated to learn and share and change the incentive system. The challenge is to discover what is valuable and make it dominate all.
Develop teaching requires, that exposes the leader to show that you know. The best strategy is to lead by example, be the first to teaching and learning, which does not always happen. The enemy of learning is to believe you already know everything. A leader who learns, recognizes the importance of teaching. Learning involves learning permanently. It serves some learn and others do not, or are sometimes learn and not always.
Convert tacit knowledge into explicit. Learning and teaching are a shared responsibility. The company would always interested in the best-trained employees but also will have to import each become better, because the more one knows more valuable it becomes. Attitude plays a decisive role. Knowledge management depends on the attitude to learn and help others.
Learn from what is done and sharing knowledge is the essence of organizational learning. A learning organization reduces its risks because the most knowledgeable individuals and teams become more efficient and less mistakes. Only an authentic atmosphere of learning can ensure innovation. Investing in knowledge management is always a great choice.
mental capital. The intellectual capital grows when you add to your intellectual capital through intelligent skills to interact with partners from which to learn. The power neuro educacion the best of yourself and your company. Your brain must have at its disposal its greatest asset, which is to master the methods that facilitate a fast and smart learning to meet the challenges of context. With them you get better quality of life and increase your contribution to society. Wisdom is knowing more experience, it is getting things fall under its own weight and not by brute force. Educate your intelligence is a daily job that will accompany you until the last day of your life.

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