• Review - Corsair Strafe keyboard

Review - Corsair Strafe keyboard

Good all Games Tribune friends!

Welcome to a new review here on the web, after a marathon mice to analyze, today changed the chip and we will analyze a keyboard, but not just any but a mechanical keyboard, more specifically, the Corsair Strafe. I hope you like it, here we go.

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Price- technical characteristics.

The Corsair Strafe features Cherry MX key switches Brown, which are used by professionals and are manufactured in Germany. Play now the keys Cherry MX switches have the leading technology in the world key. Gold-Crosspoint contacts, closing gold contact springs and alloy metal resistant to pressure, give players a competitive advantage.

If we are playing multiplayer (MMO) and competitive multiplayer (MOBA), usually care less about hitting the shots away from the firing line. The switches of the Cherry MX Brown keys offer a slight tactile feedback, so that we know exactly when the pulse is recorded.

It also has bright red backlighting that improves the gaming experience thanks to its virtually unlimited adaptive lighting. With a choice of six exclusive presets or design our own.

Thanks to Corsair engine Engine Utility (CUE), the keyboard reveals a surprising programmability. So that allows us to reallocate each key or set the most extreme macros for amazing control in the game.

The Corsair Strafe is ready for uninterrupted play, thanks to the integrated USB device that provides a simple connection to the mouse, a USB drive or a wireless headset adapter. Also this keyboard provides comfort and control thanks to the contoured and special texture that allow maximum grip and improved touch keys.

Besides 100% protection against zero pulses with simultaneous detection of 104 keys USB ensures that no matter how fast you play, all keys are recorded.

Finally improved access multimedia keys allow easy sound changes while playing in the most effective manner. And when we're not playing, we can play, pause or skip tracks of audio with ease.

We can find this great keyboard Corsair Strafe at a price of 136 euros on the website of pccomponentes.

Experience with the product.

Undoubtedly this is one of the products that I could try longer, since almost two weeks that I have in my possession ago, and since arriving have been using to find their strengths and weaknesses. I've used it for all sorts of tasks, including playing Guitar Hero III with the keyboard and guitar, so I think I have plenty of experience to make the following comments on this keyboard.

As always I start from the outside, increasingly simple keyboards, flat, tough and robust, and the Corsair Strafe is a clear example of this are more common. Its design is quite similar to most mechanical keyboards leaving an almost completely smooth to emphasize the height of the key material. It also highlights that the keys are on a red bed visible to the naked eye.

Usually mechanical keyboards tend to focus on the key switches so you leave out some aspects as additional macro keys, multimedia and function. Luckily this keyboard not only has a good switches but also includes media keys, customizing macros in any key and even Windows Lock key. Certainly an outstanding design.

Regarding the keys; pressing means that when compared to other mechanical keyboards that I could try, the Corsair Strafe certainly takes the upper hand because using Cherry MX key switches Brown gets an incredible touch worthy of a great avoiding mechanical keyboard to turn the keys are noisy or have that feeling using a typewriter. Pressing the keys as I said is excellent besides giving a feeling of great confidence because you're forced to push the button until it touches his bed getting a little feedback from the switch to indicate that you pressed that key .

Although the press is one of the strengths of this keyboard also represents one of the few drawbacks that you can put, is that there are times when the keys react too sensitively, especially larger ones such as the spacebar . This causes sometimes leaving finger resting on it is pressed accidentally, fortunately is easily solved and is accustomed not support certain keys too hard. Otherwise the pulse is expected and the performance is excellent.

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