Let's do it! Christmas decorating tips

We present ideas for this Christmas 2015 can decorate your house or workplace in the most original way.

Christmas decoration with candles.

Despite how easy it is to light a candle and place it anywhere in the house, the decoracionnavidad.net site offers some original ideas to put our candles and surprise all our guests.

Cups candles: Use a few glasses of wine down is a very original idea, especially if we add them inside some twigs or small decorations that make highlight and stay much nicer, as we can see in the picture.

Candles bottle: This is an idea that can be used throughout the year, but if we add a small loop to the bottle, can be ideal for Christmas. The bottle does not have to be transparent, with a bottle of wine is any good. The special thing about this idea is that, as the candles are melted, the wax is falling on it.

Candles with water: Place the candle in a jar with water and some decorations in the background, is a very original idea and always looks good.

Christmas decoration for office

We can use the holiday season to give a touch of color to our workplace and it is best that we do not need to make big changes to do so.

The classic decorations look great in places like offices, since they usually always have basic and dark colors. The characteristic colors of Christmas will bring to the office a contrast that is clearly visible and will surely make you feel all who work there, at home.

To decorate an office with Christmas themes, you just need to get some few wreaths, spheres, Christmas stockings and even scented candles. All can have their little place because anyway, decoration only be temporary.

If we can help, we can create small details as table decorations, hanging flowers, gift packages as a decoration and many other things.

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