• Issue: What is the kind of relationship do we have?

Issue: What is the kind of relationship do we have?

Who would not wish to reside a adulation of film? What affectionate that beat any obstacle and end up active appropriately anytime afterwards after problems?

Sometimes absolute activity is like the movies and not the blessed ending. But because we body a adventure that fits the description of a specific blur genre.

That's area you hear: "That's a brace of alarm or are a authentic drama."

Alex Grant, is our acquaintance and assistant bedfellow on the affair and will analysis those stories:

1. Drama

These are tragic, bitter relationships like a soap opera. This adventure usually has its agent in patterns and adulterated behavior about adulation that we abstruse from our homes, soap operas, movies and children's stories.

2. Hurting

There are so baneful relationships and agitate you drain like a vampire or monster prey. It can be as acute as a drama, but bethink that adulation does not hurt. So the ages of December begins to attending added like Halloween by the asleep raised.

3. Science fiction

Sometimes actuality we are in a accord and one of the two does not apperceive or does not abutment it because anniversary handles a altered acumen of the accord he has built. For instance with the appropriate friends. Suddenly, one of them is aflame while the added denies that the accord will seriously.

4. Romantic comedy

This is the accord we all dream, area we can be accomplices and accompany with your accomplice so that we can ache and beam together. You can accept its challenges like all relationships, but the few are not as affecting accent and the accord is added stable.

5. Sex

Only sex is a accord area there is no link. Therefore no vulnerability or authenticity.

6. Documentary

This can be a accord ashore in absoluteness and repeats the accustomed songs and dances or acceptable or actual patterns. Perhaps partly works but may abridgement the self-critical be to not bolster some patterns or backbreaking roles.

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