• Important strategies for runners

Important strategies for runners

If you love running, you can not lose our insurance recommendations they will make to improve your performance.

Despite the job responsibilities and transit of cities the number of people who lead a sedentary lifestyle is becoming smaller. It is no coincidence that the running has become one of the most popular activities in recent years. Too many reasons to explain this phenomenon but basically its popularity is because anyone can do it, it's free and inspiring.

No matter if you are already an experienced runner or if you're just starting with this exciting lifestyle, the following tips will help you improve and boost your performance when you go out.

    Dress in appropriate clothing

It is not vanity, clothes actually has an important role in any exercise. Feel comfortable and free to move facilitate your physical activity. First of all get some good running shoes, try them before you buy and make sure you do not hurt your feet.

    Less is more

If you're starting to worry about the distance run and not time. It is important that at first do not work more, as this can make you feel more tired and unmotivated to continue running. You're going to improve your times as improve your physical condition.


The recovery of the body is important. If your goal is to run every day do but try to insert a heavy training day with a more relaxed. If you feel pain in a muscle or ligament it is better to rest until you are one hundred.

    Search a group of runners

It is true that this is a solo sport, but more people practice it will keep you motivated and ready to break your records. Looking for a local group that is training to participate in a race or just train with friends.

    Stretch before and after running

Heating is one of the most important stages of any routine, as this will prevent you from injuries. Before you start running beam stretching; It is important that we also do it at the end to relax your muscles just worked.

    Stay motivated

One of the things that attract this sport is competition with oneself. Train and test your limits by signing up to different races. There are so many who never lose motivation.

No excuses, get ready to leave behind your sedentary lifestyle. To run!

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