• Here are some tips to avoid bank fraud

Here are some tips to avoid bank fraud

Due to the high rate of attempted fraud or identity theft over the Internet, MasterCard has several tips to avoid becoming victims of these crimes.

The firm reports that one of the most important points that should be always present is never disclose bank information or telephone cards, even if the user initiated the call, unless you can verify that the call is reliable and that there is need true to disclose such information.

In a statement, adding that another tip is to write down the date on which the statements arrive each month, because if they stop receiving unexpectedly, must notify the financial institution immediately.

In the case of emails, text messages, social networks or calls, you have to have reservations and did not respond to any request for any individual claiming to be representative of MasterCard, it is best not to respond and report on the bank resides your account.

It should also avoid opening any e-mail containing attachments, if the sender is unknown, because they may include harmless files in "PDF" format that could install some sort of program which in turn steal important information like PIN numbers or accounts of other cards.

When in doubt, MasterCard analysts recommend to call your bank immediately and cancel your current card, to thereby receive a new, and make sure it has not changed without authorization the address where you receive your statement.

On the other hand, if you are in possession of the card and yet have made fraudulent purchases with your card, it is best to call your lender and request cancellation and a new plastic.

On the other hand, always advised carefully review the statements in the months following the fraudulent activity, in order to ensure that the problem has been resolved satisfactorily.

MasterCard clear that the company is not issuing cards and are banking institutions that issue them, so it does not handle customer information issuing banks by the sensitivity of this information, and only generates added value for the customer on products that emit entities.

This is why we always recommend to everyone to use PayPal at online shopping.

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