• Genital hair removal, a trend that is growing despite the risks

Genital hair removal, a trend that is growing despite the risks

They claim that more and more young women pubic hair completely removed. Doctors advise against it.

Most Argentine women who come to inquiries from permanent hair removal do so for the pubic area. "Almost 100 percent asks dug and 10 five full pelvis pluck" says Deborah Kaplan Chouela Center.

There are few women who consult a doctor rather than the beauty salon. Therefore, the opinion of the dermatologist Jorge Soto, Unit Cutaneous Laser Gipuzkoa Polyclinic, opened a debate: the specialist said that comprehensive fashion genital waxing, something widespread in the West, is causing an "alarming increase" sexually transmitted diseases.

Soto favors maintaining pubic hair as a preventive measure. "The hair is the first line of defense is the skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, it is easier for them to get hit bacteria if that hair is not "describes Mabel Herbst, a member of the Argentina Society of Child and Adolescent Gynecology. Herbst is a specialist in sexually transmitted diseases and make a clear comparison: "It's like you out eyebrows are to protect the eye; the area is more vulnerable. "

"Because of the comprehensive genital hair removal have increased genital warts caused by human pailoma virus (HPV)," says Soto. For experts, HPV has become the "great enemy" fight. Edurne Uzcudun gynecologist explained that "the most disturbing sexual infection right now is the producidad HPV. Some subtypes of this virus can trigger cervical cancer. "

"Every time they want to start earlier because they like not having hair in the pubic area; to tell you a couple questions, "says Noemi, epilator of Villa Park.

The president of the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Buenos Aires, Roberto Brown says: "Even if it is a frequent event, permanent hair removal in the vulvar area is not a medical indication or the ideal recommendation. When the hair is not the cover is much more sensitive to infections like folliculitis "

Contagion effect of hair removal, there are different pathologies, according to Claudia Guitelman gynecologist, they have increased. She, in her office Caballito increasingly encounter more cases of fungus, warts, herpes in the genital area. The condom protects but only some infections and total removal does not help protect the area.

Meanwhile, permanent hair removal is extended and more and more people decide to invest in a "solution" in the long term. Each session dug vary between 700 and 1,600 pesos according to the survey made Clarin. To eradicate the hairs on the area around eight sessions are needed in principle. "Never heard of any client who had problems," says Gabriela Cosmiatra Oses, a laser hair removal specialist chain.

"It's very comfortable," "In price, I should make me complete pelvis", "In summer you do not have to worry about if you see something." They are more popular among women who make treatment reasons. "For something this" sums Roberto Brown, who could explain all the details of the protective function of pubic hair. But become clearer those three words against fad that grows without medical advice.

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