• Abusing #hashtags on Facebook endangers your SME

Abusing #hashtags on Facebook endangers your SME

A study by Socialbaker "The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags" alert (Hashtag The Definitive Guide) on how damaging it would be misuse of #hashtag on Facebook. It is assumed that your content on social networks without at least one of them did not have any interest. However, this reality is not far from it. The famous #hashtag stems from Twitter, not Facebook, and was created with the aim to group issues and published, so they can reach a greater number of users and facilitate the search for those interested in a particular subject content.

Given his popularity in Twitter, its use has been reproduced on other networks and in the own Facebook or Instagram. All they are clinging to achieve the greatest number of retweets or I like you, but to what extent is this anxiety-productive for our brand? Its abuse can even be harmful, according to the study. To use them well in Facebook we have to consider what the little likes and very tired. Also from a purely aesthetic standpoint. Two or more hashtags let our message be included in various subjects, but dirty reading and effectiveness. Moderator therefore the use of the pad.

Let's look at two examples:

    Is Harmed in excess #hashtags #Facebook my brand?
    #damaging The #excess of #hashtags in my #brand on #Facebook ?

Which of the two messages do you think clearer? Note that if the message suffuse with hashtags, overwhelm the user and read the message directly avoid.

According to Socialbakers, the most used hashtags on Facebook will receive less engagement. The study, based on 200,000 publications brands on Facebook, it showed that those posts involving one or two hashtags received an average of 593 interactions, while in those where four or five messages were included hashtags by message interactions were limited to 416 .
Tips to make good use of hashtags

With this in mind, we'll also give you some tips for you to make good use of hashtags on Facebook.

    Relevance: Make sure the hashtag you will use is related to the event or you organize you post news that is easy to remember and write. If the event is using a mobile application or platform as Bizzabo, it may be useful to have the hashtag stream directly from the application so that users can join.
    Unique: It is important to choose a hashtag that is not currently being used or that can have many different audiences. Choose a tag as #tech for a conference call Tech Conference at the beginning of the year will result in more than 20 tweets per minute irrelevant. Instead, using a hashtag like # TSC16 you allow the flow of publications very specific event with a very low chance of getting off topic posts.
    Short and sweet: Concise hashtags are not only easier to remember, but allows event attendees more character space when shared on Twitter (although there is no limit in Facebook). If the event has a longer name, as "Social Media Marketing World 2016", make it # SMMW16.
    Well thought: Not all names of an event or topic sound like a hashtag. It is good practice to make sure the hashtag does not look like one in a different language, two streams of shock could be created and that is not sought.
    Promote the hashtag: A hashtag means nothing if no one uses it. Promote the hashtag to be everywhere: the website, marketing materials, advertisements, emails dedicated mobile application case, social networks, newsletters and any other means used to reach the assistant.
    Heed the discussion: The hashtag will be not only a way to get the audience to participate in the event, also to get the audience to interact with others. You will be able to follow conversations and not only get good information but possibly achieve an interesting online discussion about the content of the lectures.
    Be creative: The hashtags are still a new tool, so do not be afraid to experiment. You can offer discounts, create quizzes, or broadcast streams.

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