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Watch NBA Warriors In Virtual Reality

If you’re an NBA fan and happen to have a Samsung Gear VR headset, you’ll be able to watch the Golden State Warriors get their championship rings tonight in glorious livestreamed virtualness. You can then watch the game. I’ll be doing so, because sports are pretty fast paced and it’ll probably make me puke, which will be a great story, and we’ve already tried to watch a soccer game in VR. So…why not?

So we’re definitely at the “see-what-we-can-do-with-virtual-reality” stage of virtual reality. You’re going to be bombarded with cool tricks that show off the “potential” of the technology. Democratic debate first, now this.

The company doing the broadcasting, NextVR, will allow you to watch it all on the NextVR app that you can nab through Oculus Home. They’ve developed what they call a “lens-to-lens system” for capturing the VR in broadcast quality. If you already have the app, make sure you update it before the game.

The Warriors are playing the New Orleans Pelicans and probably have no clue that they’re going to have people tripping over their holograph-like representations. I’ll be sure to let our friends Andre Iguadala and Harrison Barnes know how they look close up.

The livestream starts at 7:30PM PT so join me in trying not to trip and puke all over your pets. Well not your pets. Mine. And yours. You know what I mean.

(I’m mostly joking about the puking thing, but depending on the social situations being broadcast, VR can be quite jarring. But that’s part of the fun, right?)

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