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How to to perform well in photos

We bring you some useful secrets and simple so you leave God in all the photos.

Arguably, two types of fans are distinct primarily photography: on one side are those who enjoy being the protagonist of the photographs and the other those who enjoy standing behind the target. These tips apply to both cases.

These tips are very useful and simple and will help to significantly improve photos. What? Helping people leaving them pose properly. Thus, photographer and protagonist will benefit.

- Put your back straight and your shoulders slightly back.
- Tilt your hips and:
. If you are a woman, placed her hand on the waist or hip.
. If you are a man: Place one or both hands in his pockets.
- Cross your feet in pictures standing poses.
- Never let them make photographs from below.
- When sitting, cross your legs.
- Get out of your tacos.
- If you want thinner out, do not wear clothes with many prints.
- Place your face and something lifted straight.
- Chose your good profile.
- I know you yourself !; without forced smiles, no strange faces.

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