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Five tips to scare away the thieves of your smartphone

The smartphone has become an essential technology partner for many people in their daily lives; and we hear so much about the risks to our accomplice who is worth taking some measures to protect its integrity and, of course, keep our peace.

The National Institute of Cyber-security recently published a guide to prevent information from our cell fall into the wrong hands, with unexpected consequences.

Here we share some key recommendations to keep your smartphone safe and safe.

Wi-fi can be very expensive

Do not connect to public networks without security key. You could save data on your cellular plan, but also you could put all your data (all) in the hands of strangers.

Open files and messages only if you know who sends

This seems elementary advice can save many pain head. Before opening any file on your phone, including any email, verify that the sender know. Avoiding a simple click can keep hackers out of your phone.

Use the PIN and PUK codes

The PIN is a 4-digit personal code to access or block the use of the SIM card. Usually they delivered one by default you purchase your phone; change it immediately and store it in a safe place. And of course, do not use the benevolent "1234" or your birth date. Too easy.

The PUK has 8 digits and unlock the SIM when you mistype 3 times the PIN. Unlike the PIN, the PUK can not be changed; so you also get when you buy the phone, so I keep it well.

Turn off the Bluetooth

No matter you use it several times a day: acquires the habit of turning off Bluetooth when you're not using. With the large number of devices using this connection, in the car for example, it is very easy to simply leave it on. Bluetooth think that is a gateway to your phone; leave "on" all the time equates to leave the door open to enter any door.

It also activates the option for your phone to ask for the key to allow connection to other Bluetooth devices. If you do not know who owns the device requesting authorization to connect you with yours, reject it.

Do not allow your phone install programs without asking

Set security options on your smartphone option to not allow install programs that do not come from a trusted sender. And when you ask, do not install anything if you do not know who the manufacturer or where the program or application comes; no matter how funny it seems the game, video or movie they offer.

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