• 7 ways for traveling without spending much money

7 ways for traveling without spending much money

If you value options such as: book well in advance, choose accessible accommodations and eat in typical places, among other proposals, will realize certain economic and satisfying journey.

Travel at any time of year are possible, and enjoy more if you can save money.

* Avoid bridges and holidays

Increased demand in transportation and accommodation is higher in those periods. And that is reflected in higher prices, crowds at bus stations and airports, which generate scarcity of tickets and delays in departures and arrivals.
Traveling at other times of high demand allows us to travel cheaper and more opportunities to relax. You also have the option of asking for a day at work and extend the weekend to three days.

* Search for nearby destinations and make nightly sojourns

For trips of a few days, the most advisable destinations are located no more than 150 kilometers from your point of origin. If you plan to travel over that distance, you can opt for overnight trips by bus, so you will rest and get the most out your destiny.

* Book online

From anywhere, at any time, without lines, saving time and money are the advantages of buying online your bus tickets, hotel accommodation and even restaurant reservations.

* Select an economical route

Schedule activities before the trip is also important. If you travel with children, includes activities for them; farms and recreational sites are an excellent choice.
If you travel with teenagers, physical outdoor or beach activities are the choice.
But if you want to relax from stress, try calmer and more activities tranquillas no cost places.

* Choose cheap accommodations

Note that you will stay a short time in the hotel or stay, so you should find a nearby space, safe, comfortable and accessible to places of interest of the place you visit. An economic option are the hostels. You can also find online cheap rents for houses or apartments for a weekend.
But remember: if you are traveling with pets and the places you visit should have spaces for them.

* Save on food

Restaurants often have promotions and offers for tourists. In destinations in the province, there is the possibility of entering into markets and public squares where local eateries and typical food of the place, which are often accessible and delicious.
Take some time to recognize the place you visit and locate places, markets and points influx of locals as well as to compare prices or to developments in small venues.

* Tourist guides volunteers

In some locations there is the possibility of finding tour guides free and voluntary cooperation. These options are often submitted by local offices of the Ministry of Tourism and are easily accessible on the Internet, although some are held only on certain dates.
Remember always keep handy addresses these delegations for further information.

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