• 6 Ways to Find Joy in Everyday Life

6 Ways to Find Joy in Everyday Life

Lifestyle-1For some reason we’ve eliminated joy from our lives only to become the overworked, tired, and grumpy version of ourselves that nobody (even we, ourselves) would enjoy being around. The feeling of “joy” has been reserved for once a lifetime moments such as love, marriages, babies, or unexpected surprises. However, joy can be deliberately found in everyday life. This may sound ridiculous, especially if you’ve been experiencing a “down” in life. You may think to yourself, “Joy? I’m not lucky enough to experience it—ever.” “I’m too busy to experience joy” “Isn’t that for kids?” “I don’t deserve joy.” Sadly, we tend to keep our minds focused on negativity rather than positivity. Thanks to our evolutionary extinct, we immediately point out what could be a “danger” […]

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