• 5 habits that could change your life

5 habits that could change your life

Are you tired of not being as happy and find themselves to be? This list of 5 habits will change your outlook on life. Try it!

We all know the phrase "within 21 days a habit is formed," and most can say that is true. I really do not think about the habits we have, until they begin to affect our daily lives. Habits are what make today are our foundation and are very important for us (but often do not give them the necessary importance). When our habits are bad or do not bring us anything good, it is very easy that we are not happy with the life we ​​lead.
The most important thing is to want to change these bad habits that hurt us and although it can be difficult, because it means to turn around our lives, in the long run it is better for our health and live happier.

 What can we do to change our habits? The first thing to consider is that we can not change our habits at the same time. This will only cause we fail to change any. Start one by one, and see big changes. When you're safe and you feel confident that you've managed to change something, then you can follow another habit you want to change. We recommend you:

    Focusing a month change one thing, but do not limit yourself. If it takes more than a month, nothing happens. The joke is that you achieve your goal.
    Try to focus every day to make that change we need. The more you win you throw at it, the easier it will be to change.
    Do not panic or get angry with yourself if you have trouble. It is logical that it will be difficult. You're changing something I've been doing a long way.


Here is a list of 5 habits that we are sure will change your life in a positive way to a happier life:

1. Get up early: Secure thinking: "How will help me get up early?" But it is a fact that getting up before other people in our house, will help us during the day. It's an easy way to use your time more important tasks to perform hassle, no noise, with full concentration and peace. If you're somebody who hates getting up early, you can start putting your alarm 5 minutes before getting up and start just five minutes before. The following week, put 10 minutes before, and so until you can get up to an hour where you can get more done in the morning. The same thing happens at night. Try to sleep early and not waste time on the phone or watching series. At first it will certainly be difficult, but the benefits are unimaginable up early. You see that you can better organize your day, you'll feel less stressed and will achieve more concrete things before noon. You will achieve the important work done calmly and without interruptions, and have the rest of the day with less outstanding and more time to spend with your family or friends.

2. Cleans, organizes and accommodates: Did you past that there is so much disaster in your home or desktop you do not know where to start cleaning? Having a clean house or a space clean and organized, it is important to feel good. Now, it is impossible to imagine that we can have everything clean and organized all the time. If you have children, you know that this is very complicated, or if you work in a place where there is a lot of paperwork. The important thing is always cleaned at the end of the day to dawn or when you arrive at the office the next day, your mood is not affected by how disastrous it can be your space.
Start by washing the dishes after every meal. Do not miss out for 'a while' or tomorrow. Do it at the time and when it's dinner time, you will feel a great relief. Try to keep your home organized will help the disorder does not become a snowball and get to the point of "not where to start cleaning." Make your bed when you get up, keep your clothes when you take it off, cover your feathers on the desktop and accommodates the papers in folders. It may seem a tedious task, but you'll thank when you return to your home or office and everything is clean and accommodated.

3. Plans: Plan the day ahead you is what you need to feel relaxed every day. You can choose to have an agenda or a calendar, and target boards, important calls and to the time that you can exercise appointments. Make a list of outstanding also it helps you feel more organized and will soon become a habit that you would appreciate having acquired. Plan your day also will help you feel more time, and take advantage of free moments with more joy. You can choose to point on your agenda before bedtime. When you lie down you can target all appointments and you have free time, and when you wake up you will notice a huge peace of mind. This will help you generate a daily routine, and you will notice that changes your life. You can have a bedtime routine, one for after waking up, one for the day, etc. You feel you have the time to do everything important during the day, and to have free time to spend with your family.

 4. Exercise: We always talk about exercise and how important it is for our health. Besides being important to feel good physically, it can be an interesting way to start changing your habits. We are used to a sedentary lifestyle. Can you work in an office where you just get up to go to the bathroom and eat. Maybe you work from home and all you do is move from one place to another. It may also be that whatever you do, what you do in the car and actually you do not move much. Make a habit of doing exercise does not mean you start from day to day to go to the gym. You may not have time or you're not really ready to have. We recommend doing simple things and they will take less time. Starts half hour to take a walk or run. It can be a walk around the block or you can go to a nearby park or forest. It also tries to take over the stairs and escalators less. Stand up more often than your chair, whether for a glass of water or just to stretch and walk. Park the car further away than usual to walk until you reach the super or wherever you go. You can do many things that do not involve going to a class or gym. Simply keep in mind the move, it will help you feel more mobile and suddenly feel that you are ready to subscribe to a gym.

5. Give thanks: It seems incredible, but you have to thank every single day can change your life completely. You do not have to thank any deity, or pray at night (if that's what you do, of course is good). The important thing is that you feel appreciated aware what life has given you and what you've accomplished. They realize the positive things in your life, help change the perspective you have of it. Many times we find ourselves caught up in negative thoughts I thinking, "I have no money, do not know how to pay my debts, I do not like my work, I need a couple, I'm not happy, etc.", and this in turn becomes our daily life. When things do not go as we would like, we think about the things we do have can change the way we view our lives. You can be thankful that you have a bed to sleep, you have clothes to cover your cold, you have friends and family who love you, you ate your favorite dish, you will not be touched no red light on the way home or you bathed with water hot. They can be the most simple things that we take for granted and that most of the time we do not remember. You can choose to have a notebook in which to write every night before bed the things you feel grateful. You will notice that many more of which you imagine and begin to appreciate more your life and see it from a more positive side.

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