• Fluxo allowing intelligent lamp control the direction of light

Fluxo allowing intelligent lamp control the direction of light

Smart bulbs have gained great popularity in recent years thanks to such striking advantages as the ability to control them from our smartphone and even change their color. Today we speak of Fluxo, an intelligent lamp addition to the above, it offers the possibility to control the direction of light.

Despite its compact size, the smart lamp which I speak has a large number of LED lights that allow us to adjust the direction of the light, so that we can customize the lighting depending on the needs of each moment. That is, we can set the lamp so that the light is directed towards the ceiling or to the corners of the room in which we find ourselves. To do this, simply have to make use of a mobile app with a performance of the most intuitive: you can select the area to be illuminated by drawing with your finger on the screen of your smartphone. Not only that, because if we draw more intensity, illumination increase.

It is also important to note that we can also choose the color of light (red, green, blue and white). We take this opportunity to emphasize that the Fluxo app also allows you to create different scenes, so that we can activate later in seconds. For example, one way or another reading to watch TV. Finally, Fluxo has additional advantages as interesting as the ability to detect if there is someone in the room, allowing it to shut down or automatically turn on.

At the moment, with 19 days to the end of the fundraising campaign, Fluxo has managed to raise $ 250,000. As for the price of the lamp will be marketed for $ 400. Then we leave you with the video presentation.

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