• Fashion or health? Nutritionists warn about using the beaten detox

Fashion or health? Nutritionists warn about using the beaten detox

The College of Dietitians of Chile gave the pros and cons of consumption of these smoothies. Slim Really? Check it out in the following note.  

Many publications on various diets that promise to make you lose weight quickly when summer begins and ends the year-end celebrations appear.  

These proposals are the juices "detox" for his reputation of delivering multiple benefits as cleanse the body and help you lose weight have made them world famous, but is as well?

The College of Dietitians of Chile recognize its benefits but also expressed their objections to this new trend, explaining its pros and cons.

Paolo Castro, spokesperson and consultant College of Nutrition Nutritionists University of Chile, said that mainly facilitate and increase hydration.

"Today, less than 20% of the Chilean population meet the recommended intake of water, which should be between six to eight glasses a day. It is also not necessary to add sugar or honey to the liquid, since they increase the risk to develop caries, overweight and obesity, "he explains.

As regards the alleged detoxifying effect, the specialist explained that "we must inform people that there is little clinical evidence even support the use of these diets and do not have population recommendations for use by the MINSAL, PAHO and WHO."

This, Castro explained, because it is not convincingly demonstrated the benefits and safety of use.

"Perhaps the 'detox' is another nutritional concept fashion as was the apple cider vinegar," he says.


Paolo Castro explained that the College is not against the consumption of these smoothies and juices, but stresses that it is best to eat fruits and vegetables, either together or separately.

The recommended amount is at least 400 grams per day and, ideally above 600, a practice which among other benefits, reduce the risk of cancer.

Also it ensures that in the general population, no recommendation to restrict any kind of fruit or vegetables.

"Given the nutritional situation in the country is important to insist with the widest range possible," he says.

However, it stresses that although popularly spoken in the media of "body cleansing" in practice is cleaning done through stool and urine.

"It is therefore essential consumption of water, fruits and vegetables daily, as well as legumes at least 2 times a week," said the expert.

"If consumption is equal to or greater than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and needs of water (2-3 liters) are respected is no need shakes consumption Détox The truth is that" fashion is giving juice Detox ", judgment.

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