• Fashion go without pants - Lampshading

Fashion go without pants - Lampshading

Once again Kate Moss was the visionary who inspired the world of fashion. The problem is that the Kardashian sisters have a power that goes further spread his legion of followers.

One need only take a stroll down the Gran Via to realize that the new trend exported from the very cabinet of the Kardashian sisters in the United States begins to hit hard in our country.

But you have not yet put the cry in heaven because our young and not so young, to teach anything beyond due. The effect "go without pants" is nothing more than a gimmick known by the name lampshading. To achieve just placed an oversize sweater as a dress and short pants so short, that remain hidden. If the combination you add a "over the Knee boots" -or what is the same, high boots above the knee, you have guaranteed success.

This new style spread a few months ago by the reference blogs and fashion magazines when young American copied the look, as devout faithful, queens reality. Although it seems that they have become fashionable, was the very Kate Moss who once again acted as a visionary. Two years earlier, Miroslava Duma or model Anja Rubik launched this trend do not know whether for convenience or because there is no way to make the infinite boots favor in another combination.

At Spanish it has cost them a little more time to acquire the trend. Maybe it's because the weather in some areas of Spain has nothing to do with the eternal spring of Los Angeles and, much as the XXL boots have been fashionable this fall and winter, think of shorts as the only accompaniment gives feeling cold. With temperatures improving things start to change.

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