• Changes in metabolism through the years

Changes in metabolism through the years

Your metabolism a different nailed over the years, check and thus affect your measurements.

When you were little girls, you could eat all your Halloween candy, junk food dinner and still require some tamales for breakfast because none of this could affect your weight. Now, you're thinking about becoming a vegetarian, you work and still keep your battles with weight.

Why does this happen? As you know, your metabolism a different nailed over the years, check and, therefore, affect your measurements.

In your 20s

Enjoy your maximum: Most women enjoy a super accelerated metabolic rate before the twenties and after a while, and not so much because of age, but genetics.

Also, until you reach age 25, your body continues to build bone, so that the same process twice the calories burned.

But not for long: According to the American Council on Exercise, your metabolic rate decreases of 1-2% per decade.

In the last years of your twenties you'll notice that you can not eat the same without suffering the consequences. The worst part is that this happens at the time of sedentary work, so the situation worsens.

In your 30s

The engordativo cycle continues: As you lose muscle, your ability to burn calories slows further. And as you lose your muscle and gain fat, you can develop fat to muscle, which leads to weight gain and metabolic disorder.

Added to this, the 30s do not produce as many hormones as before, so the metabolic rhyme worse. But not everything is bad; strength training can help build muscle and produce hormones, which could solve much of the problem.

And the pregnancy ... And if you decide to have a baby, pregnancy can give a boost to your metabolism, but not enough to lead a normal diet. You should eat for yourself and the baby, but that does not mean you should consume in excess. During the embrazo, you will burn about 200 extra calories a day, but eat more than twice in those nine months.

Breastfeeding is the solution: Fortunately, you burn all those calories breastfeeding. The average woman breastfeeding full-time to burn 500 thousand extra calories a day, but your metabolism will return to its natural state, as you have not lost much muscle during pregnancy.

In your 40s

Chaos hormones: In the 40, your baby machine decides to close the shop, taking with it the order of your estrogen levels, progesterone and growth hormone. Unfortunately, your metabolism follows, so you should focus on reducing consumption of calories to maintain your weight.

Building muscle is not negotiable: This should be at any age, but at 40, your body starts eating muscle mass, which must build again.

To combat this loss, you have to do strength training, a habit that you should take from now! You may have to consume more iron and protein than before.

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