• CES 2016 and its technological advances

CES 2016 and its technological advances

CES 2016 will be one of the most referenced fairs for technology lovers around the world in various sectors, from sports to motor racing.

CES 2016 to be held in Las Vegas is one of the most important showcases for all the advances in technology and consumer electronic items, ranging from clothing accessories to luxury cars.

Undoubtedly one of the highlights for this year are electric cars, which increasingly are positioned more due to their care for the environment, in addition, all the technology that makes intelligent cars.

Brands like BMW, Ford and Chevrolet, will arrive with cars capable of conducting themselves with screens 'touchscreen' for handling vehicle components and developments that make a striking electric option, since according to Chevrolet, its new Bolt It is capable of reaching 320 km / h, which is twice the speed achieved so far by an electric car.

Other major industry players such as LG and Sony come with virtual reality technology with the best definition televisions and although not stated, surely come with new smartphones, which in the past year, were to be seen with the initiative flexible displays.

Moreover, one of the trends of the past year were the Drones, and this year's CES will be treated apart from the technological advances of the regulation of these for easy marketing and use an application that also It has been limited by the issue of batteries, one of the main problems of unmanned aircraft, but that surely encouraging news at the show will be displayed in front of this issue.

And, like every year, the wearables come with new applications, designs and advances in the field of security, as these have been attacked by hackers.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions in this issue of wearables is sportswear, as even the NFL invests in technology to develop smart garments that record the physical condition of the players and evaluate the performance and capabilities of each athlete, through the information that the clothing sent to a smartphone or SmartWatch.

The fair will be held in Las Vegas Convention Center, from 6 to 9 January, giving an appetizer to what 2016 holds for this technology.

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