• Are Carbohydrates can help you lose weight?

Are Carbohydrates can help you lose weight?

Although a large postulated in any attempt to lose weight is to stay away from carbohydrates, in this note we prove that this myth is so widespread is not necessarily true.

Carbohydrates are, along with proteins and fats, one of the three macronutientes that must be present in your diet. In fact, they are responsible to give you energy for all life processes. So there is no reason to avoid them!

A recent study found that thinner people eat more carbohydrates than those who are overweight. In fact, the researchers concluded that the chances of staying thin are greater when carbohydrates represent 64% of your daily intake.

This dreaded food group can help you lose those extra kilos, you just have to know how to control the proportions and choose the right kind of carbohydrates.

Eye with that, nor is it you start to eat 1 kg. of chips a day and still expect to lose weight. The healthiest to keep the line is to focus on resistant starches.

This is the right type of carbohydrate it helps you to eat less, burn more calories, feel more energy, relieve stress and lower cholesterol.

How to avoid the rebound effect after weight loss?
WHAT ARE resistant starches?

Resistant starch is a type of carbohydrate that travels through our digestive system relatively intact into the colon where it is received by bacteria.

You can find them in legumes, grains, seeds, potatoes and green bananas (although in the case of the latter two becomes digestible if cooked at high temperatures).

BENEFITS AND OTHER resistant starches

Carbohydrates make you feel satisfied

Many carbohydrates are powerful appetite suppressants. They fill much more than fat or protein.

When digested more slowly than other types of food, allow the feeling of fullness lasts much longer.

A study by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom found that consuming resistant starch in a meal can consume 10% less calories the next day, because the feeling of hunger decreases.

Carbohydrates control blood sugar

The right mix of carbohydrates is the best way to control blood sugar and keep diabetes away.

In a study of Human Nutrition Center in Beltsville, it found that participants who ate a diet rich in resistant starch could decrease by up to 30% of sugar levels in the blood after each meal.

You can eat any kind of carbohydrates, all you need to know is how to combine them so that you have a rise in sugar.

Carbohydrates accelerate your metabolism

High resistant starch carbohydrate accelerate your metabolism. This type of food free fatty acids that help preserve muscle mass at the same burn fat.

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