• Apple opens a secret laboratory in Taiwan to develop displays

Apple opens a secret laboratory in Taiwan to develop displays

The technology giant Apple has opened a production lab in northern Taiwan, where engineers are developing new display technologies, as have people who know the facility. The company has not made public the existence of this lab, but in the Apple building in Longtan there are at least 50 engineers and other workers dealing with the creation of new screens for their devices, including phones and iPhone iPad tablets.

Apple has recruited local staff screen manufacturer AU Optronics and Qualcomm, who was the former owner of the building, have the same sources, requesting anonymity. Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, declined to comment to Bloomberg. Apple these secret facilities began operating this year and aims to make products thinner, lighter, more light and more-efficient battery.

Engineers are developing the most advanced liquid crystal displays currently used in iPhone, iPad and PCs Mac versions, explain the people who know the laboratory.

Apple is also testing to using organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), which are even thinner and do not require a backlight, they said. The manufacturer Samsung is one of the few providers that currently offer smartphones with OLED screens, which are usually more expensive to produce than LCD.
The Taiwanese laboratory discreet

Hidden in a corner of the Longtan Science Park, between the forest and the construction of a new plant biotechnology, the structure does outside indications that belongs to the world's most valuable company. At 50 kilometers from downtown Taipei and about an hour drive from the headquarters of Foxconn, this plant-lined white tiles innovation shows no corporate signage, in contrast to neighboring plants which are stamped itself Leotek logos Electronics , Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and AU Optronics.

In a brief way, after half a dozen steps, a sliding glass door leads to a desk where a receptionist in front of an Apple logo on the wall. That signal, and an iMac showing the registration screen visitors Apple standard, are the only visible indications that Apple reside here. The receptionist refused to provide the name or contact details of someone who could comment on the facilities. Security guards outside also refuse to give contact details of any person responsible.

Records management office Hsinchu Science Park, which manages the installation of Longtan show Apple moved to the factory in April and Manufacturing Panel Qualcomm had occupied the site since 2008.
The challenge of the finest phones

iPhone and iPad make thinner and more durable in every generation has been a hallmark of Apple and has ayuidado to boost its annual sales above 233,000 million. By working directly in the development of display technologies, Apple can reduce the dependence on technology developed by vendors such as Samsung Electronics, LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display.

Instead, the company can now develop production processes internally and then outsource to smaller manufacturers like AU Optronics Taiwan Innolux Corp. or Apple makes most of its research activities at its headquarters in Cupertino (USA ) and outsources the manufacture of almost all devices and components suppliers like Foxconn Technology Group and Japan Display. The iPhone maker also employs scientists and engineers around the world to develop materials and manufacturing technologies.

The company Apple still looking for engineers to work at its facilities in Taipei display panels, according to the jobs posted at LinkedIn website. The records of the Ministry of Economy of Taiwan on Apple were last modified in October. The form now displays as headquarters there Longtan address, which was previously in downtown Taipei. It is the same place where in the past Qualcomm tried to develop their own calls Mirasol screens.

On Monday, a small group of workers with Apple identification cards around their necks lowered property rest on the door and smoke amid the buzz of industrial filters. They refused to comment on what they are working.

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