• 7 tips to satisfy a woman sexually

7 tips to satisfy a woman sexually

One of the main concerns of men in the field of sex, is to satisfy your partner to achieve female pleasure, either by good performance or as their knowledge or experience.

However, many focus only on maintaining good erection and last intercourse as possible, which is a mistake, since they are only focused on their own pleasure and satisfaction.

For this not to happen to you, Mayo Clinic experts offer these tips to meet women and have an unforgettable experience. Take note!

1. It is important to know your anatomy: notes (without intimidating) and take your time.

2. Never forget, the clitoris after the brain is the most important sexual organ in women. Hardly, if this is not stimulated properly, it will be possible to satisfy it.

3. The key to good privacy is communication. Share your fantasies with your partner. Ask her to do the same. After sex, ask her to tell you what things he liked and what not.

4. Kissing is very important for all women, and especially during intimacy. It is always a good idea to start with a session of passionate kisses.

5. Women enjoy a lot of eye contact, so positions that allow connecting both eyes are recommended.

6. The positions with the woman on top, makes it easier for them clitoral stimulation, therefore, achieve orgasm. If your partner has difficulty to achieve, encourage her to this position to take control of penetration.

7. Oral sex can be very pleasurable and even women can achieve orgasm through oral stimulation of the genitals. Keep a steady pace of stimuli tongue, around and over the clitoris.

Take into account these tips to meet women and remember that sexual intercourse must be lasting but not eternal. The constant and continuous penetration can cause rather than pleasure, your partner feel pain.

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