• 6 tips to wake lighter than when you went to sleep

6 tips to wake lighter than when you went to sleep

Sos of those who lie swollen, with heavy feeling that will not let you sleep peacefully? Do not worry. If you want to be lighter and with slight paunch, notes these tips and starts with the action plan today.

1 Do sport when HIDE THE SUN

Get tired of the office and all you want is to laze on the couch watching TV and eating potato chips. I overcomes laziness, put on shoes and I went to sport an hour before dinner. "Exercise, even walking vigorously for 60 minutes, is the only thing that will increase the levels of lipid oxidation in the body," explains Giuseppe Russolillo, president of the Spanish Foundation of Nutritionists-Dietitians. "The mechanisms to burn fat will be maintained activated until hours after practicing sport. So if we want to burn fat while we sleep, it's best to exercise in the afternoon / evening ".

2 I Do fiaca and slept in the dark

The hormone melanin helps burn calories. Scientists at the University of Granada found that melanin ingesting the appearance of fatty tissue responsible for burning calories instead of storing is stimulated. The human body secretes the hormone naturally when in total darkness and peaks at night while we sleep. So forget leave on the TV or the hall light. From now on, all you can, do it in the dark.

3 I slept an hour

Believe it or not, give yourself a little bit more to the pleasures of sleep, used to lose weight. Dr. Michael Sivak, University of Michigan, found that sleeping lose about 6 kilos a year. It turns out that the more and better sleep, more fat we burn. Forget the guilt and enjoy later set the alarm whenever you can.

4 Dinner protein and fiber

It is essential to eat light not to reach bedtime and avoid heavy wake feeling like you've eaten a sucker at midnight. But it is not a matter of going to bed starving. A soup of vegetables and lean meat barbecue or a portion of fish baked with whole wheat bread is the ideal sleeping light dinner and cleanse the body. If you still want something sweet, you can add a fruit.

5 magical fruit

Before sitting down to eat, enjoy a rich fruit. You'll serve to lower the level of voracity and enjoy more dinner. "Fruits with a quick source of energy and diet is best taken before meals. Hypoglycemia alerts the central nervous system that we are hungry and we must replenish energy. If we take a fruit with low calorie intake before eating, we bring a glucose quickly into the blood and that signal need to eat is interrupted, "says Dr. Elena Alonso Aperte, associate dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy CEU University San Pablo Alonso.

6 Early Eats

Ask as Americans and prepare food when the sun goes down. Nothing dinner at ten, eleven p.m. and get into bed undigested. Should eat about eight and pass a couple of hours before going to bed so you give your body time to digest.

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