• 5 tips to maximize your LG G5

5 tips to maximize your LG G5

After opening the box where comes your LG G5 and activate it, you should take a few moments to familiarize yourself with some of its features and capabilities. The more you play and investigate, you will see that you will find a lot of apps and things that will help you personalize your phone the most, according to your tastes and preferences.
Here are five useful tips to introduce make the most of your G5.

Get a drawer actual apps

With the G5, LG decided to end my drawer and, instead, opted for a design in the main very similar to iOS, where small apps icons are organized in the home page. While iOS users would feel at home, this design could upset some Android users.

Fortunately, LG has unveiled a launcher for Android that called LG Home 4.0, which brings back the apps drawer. To install the launcher, click on this link from your Android device. I had to first install LG SmartWorld (there is also a link on that site), then LG Home 4.0. Once it has been installed, go to Settings> Display> Home Screen> select Home. Touch on "Home (UX 4.0)" so that it becomes a default launcher. And ready. You never see my drawer.

Activates the 'Smart Bulletin'

 Since you are in the display settings, you may have noticed a feature called Smart Bulletin. This feature adds a panel to the left end of your home-screen and provides additional information (and often useful).

To activate Smart Bulletin, open the app settings (Settings), and touch and slide to the display section (Display). Then tap on Home Screen. Just down the option to choose the Smart Home see Bulletin. You can slide the switch to the On position, or adjust their settings by tapping the three just to the left of the switch spots.

In the setup screen Smart Bulletin you can rearrange panels that are displayed there, as well as enable or disable things that you will not use or do not want to see. There is also an option to download bulletins third, but the options are currently very few.

To access the Smart Bulletin, return to your home screen and slide to the right.

Re-installs apps you've deleted

It is very easy to get carried away when you're deleting apps on your phone. If ever you've done, you'll realize that in fact there are some apps that you do need. G5 models offer the ability to reinstall the apps you've uninstalled over a period of 24 hours.

I say "models" because I have a model if offered, although the version I use AT & T currently has no such function. Your experience will be different depending on who your provider.

However, you can find an app called "Recently Uninstalled" on your G5. Open it up and find a list of all the apps you've uninstalled in the past 24 hours. Touch the Reinstall button to bring back the app in question or playing in the little boat to take out trash hence the app you want.

Launch apps with volume buttons

When your G5 is locked, you can quickly press the button twice to raise or lower the volume to launch certain apps. The default configuration button to increase volume is to launch Capture +, the tool to take notes of LG. Button to decrease volume, meanwhile, launches the app of the House.

At the moment, you can not customize which app is launched right now, but you can disable the shortcut and activate a function that shoots a photo at the instant the camera app using the volume button opens. To customize the behavior of the shortcut or disable the feature entirely, go to Settings (Settings) then looks General tab. Tap where it says Shortcut Key. At the bottom of the screen is a setting to enable quick shot (quick shot). With this feature, pressing the button to lower the volume when your G5 is locked open the camera and take a picture twice.

Use 'Smart Settings' to automate your device

In the Settings app, under General tab there is a feature called Smart Settings.

When enabled, you can automate sounds and / or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules to off based on your location. It gives you the option to choose between a location (home or work) and better adjust your device, depending on where you are.

You can also tell your device what app want to open the device when you connect a headset, and what app to open when a Bluetooth device is connected to your phone. For example, when connecting a horn, you can launch the music app. Explore Smart Settings list and customize each according to your preferences; then let your phone do the rest.

There are many hidden features in the G5, especially in the app of the House, something that soon will be thoroughly explored, so do not peel off our coverage.

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