• 5 tips to make your room look bigger

5 tips to make your room look bigger

A small room does not have to be a problem. Here the most important thing is to distribute the available space, so you will be very comfortable living and working in your little nest.

Today they share several tips to make your room look bigger in a simple and economical way.

HOUSEKEEPING. First of all a room in total order. Jumbled things take up more space than when those same things have been stored by following an order.
Upon entering a room, if there are things in step or too many objects on the table or bedside tables will not only feel that, because really there is less space.
Therefore, the first suggestion is to save and remove from sight all occupying unnecessary space.

COLORS. Choose either the color of the walls. Dark colors can be very cute for clothes. But as we look when we use smaller and thinner, our room painted with dark colors you will be smaller too.
If you want to give light and space to your room you have to use light colors to paint the walls. Colors like white, yellow, gray and light blue light make the room seem larger.

LOCATION OF FURNITURE. Many experts argue that home decorating placing furniture against the wall is no longer fashionable.
But if your room is too small it may not be a bad idea after all, since there is free space to move without any hindrance the feeling of spaciousness is immediate and choking and closure evaporates immediately.

MIRROR. To give more visual space to your room, use mirrors and glass objects, such as a table. And it is that the mirrors reflect light and expand the fourth, giving the impression of depth.
For this reason, it will be very useful to place mirrors at strategic locations of the rooms, and can also take advantage of cabinet doors or other furniture as a mirror.

THE LIGHT. Another trick is to keep the lit room in addition to the distribution of furniture and color of the walls, the bar is extending the curtains beyond the window frames. In this way more light enters and deceives the eye, because it is believed that the window opening is greater.

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