• 5 tips for managing your social networks when seeking employment

5 tips for managing your social networks when seeking employment

It is estimated that 90% of professional recruiting talent worldwide use profiles of social networks as part of their selection process. Therefore, due to the growing importance of social media in the job search, Hays Response, a global consultancy specialized recruitment offers some tips to maximize social networks and help you use them the best way to create new contacts, find a job opportunity of interest to your specialization or improve your professional reputation.

1. Think before you tweet

You must use social media responsibly and avoid sharing anything you would not want an employer to see him right now or in the future. A small reference on Twitter could easily get you in trouble or photos of when you were a student in Facebook could turn against years later, so it is recommended to clean your online presence and you check your privacy settings before embarking on search employment.

2. Personal vs Professional

You think with whom you connect, the content you share and where they shared. Decide if you want to interact with colleagues on Facebook and adjust your privacy settings accordingly. On the other hand, check social media policies your employer before making any profile that cite your employer.

3. Sell your skills and experiences

Although we must always adapt your CV to individual roles, your LinkedIn profile has to have a broader appeal. Emphasize your transferable skills and your experience and provides examples. Think about the keywords that employers seek, and do not use slang or informal cliché words. Do not forget to check spelling and grammar and maintain your traditional and online profiles updated as your career progresses.

4. Grow your network

Once the profile, you can start using these channels to develop your skills and grow your network. Join groups aimed at your specialty is a good start. You should also follow employers that interest you, recruiters with whom you had contact, and sources of news of interest to your career. Once you've developed a network, you can start sharing news and interesting articles and contribute to conversations that are generated, which helps to expand your network and improve your knowledge.

5. Do your homework

Social networks are also a valuable research tool for finding jobs and preparing for interviews. Most organizations will share their latest news and announcements through their networks, so it is recommended that you show your enthusiasm for the job you're interested in keeping you abreast of what they publish.

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