• 5 Tips for Maintaining Security of your iPhone or iPad

5 Tips for Maintaining Security of your iPhone or iPad

The security of iOS and iPhone has made headlines over the past few weeks, so it's perfectly understandable that you want to shield the most of your privacy and protect your data.

Therefore, from iPadizate we have compiled a series of tricks, tips and safety
tips to keep your iPhone intact. Do not let hackers from accessing your personal data ... Neither the FBI!

Tips, tricks and tips to shield the security of your iPhone

1. Security codes 6 digits

Usually, at least in my case, we usually use 4-digit password to unlock the iPhone and iPad. For a hacker, it is easier to decipher a 4-digit password (10,000 possible combinations) that one of 6 digits (1,000,000 possible combinations).

2. custom alphanumeric codes

Following the above, we can choose an alphanumeric code. To activate go to Settings> Touch ID and Code> Activate Code. By clicking on "Code Options" menu will appear to switch to 6-digit numeric code or (recommended) customized alphanumeric code.

3. Turn off notifications on the lock screen

Some functions personal user information are available from the Notification Center, it is desirable to disable them. To do this, go to "Settings> Touch ID and Code" and disables the options "Today, display notifications, Wallet, and Siri Reply with message."

4. Turn the Control Center

The iOS Control Center can provide anyone disable the Internet connection through the Airplane Mode in order to prevent anyone locate the iPhone in case of loss. To disable the Control Center you must go to "Settings> Control Center> Access lock screen".

5. Find My iPhone

This advice is directly related to the above, it is that with the Find My iPhone can locate the device in case of theft or loss. To enable the option go to "Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone".

To complement these great safety tips for iPhone and iPad you can use these security applications for iOS with which you can significantly improve data protection, privacy, blocking web advertising and the emergence of virus.

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