• 5 tips for having more sexually confident

5 tips for having more sexually confident

Sex can enjoy more when when you trust yourself, believe it or not. So, we give you 5 tips to have more confidence in sexual:

1. Do not be left wanting for nothing. While being with someone implies please him, do not forget that it should also help you fulfill your fantasies. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask.

2. Apply what you want. It may be a new location (link) or a toy, what you it is true! Perhaps, at first strange result, but the important thing is to try and, above all, to find what suits you.

3. Do not settle. Never! Let's face it, many times, when we have a partner, this may no longer satisfy us sexually or simply give us 'standard' sex. It is therefore important to have good communication and good, seek a solution or decide to look for other 'fields'.

4. Stimulate the senses. It is not only penetration! Even the atmosphere you create around the act can make a difference. Tonight, try some scented candles or massage oil. This will help you have more confidence sexually speaking. Just try it.

5. It is better to say no. A good sexuality begins to love, so you should know when to say no. If you do not feel safe, it is essential that you set limits.

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