• 5 makeup mistakes you should avoid

5 makeup mistakes you should avoid

You have already in mind all your outfit for the countless appointments this month, have you even thought about how you're going to comb. A makeup up and ready to dazzle in your pre and Christmas commitments! But exactly a misapplied makeup can be the cause of your beauty not look 10. Even famous sometimes demonstrate that they too are human failures and discuss with your make up. There are many small faults you can be avoided with a few simple tricks. With the help of Marta Gamarra, director Eve Lom Training in Spain, we will give you the keys for you avoid these five mistakes that can ruin your look.

1. In Prebases entire face? Prebase function or is first set makeup for long life and remain unchanged for much longer. The prebases moisturizing makeup artist (as Flawless Radiance Primer Eve Lom) can be used all over the face but can also find specific to certain areas such as the eyelids or those used to apply in the T zone and serve to close the pores and avoid glare, among others.

2. Beware of bases. Sometimes the foundation can give the impression of being a real mask. What is the cause? The error is in the tone that always! It must be the same color as your skin. To this we must try to live up to the jaw and not in hand as they do, so check if perfectly with our skin. If the makeup disappears and adapts, that will be our perfect pitch.

3. Illuminator 'vs.' corrector. Use the Illuminator and concealer can lead to so-called "panda bear effect." To avoid this dreaded, it is very important to apply first-on the clean- face a light layer of foundation and wait a few seconds to be fixed. If our circles persist, apply over a similar makeup to our checker for greater coverage of the area. As mentioned, it is very important that both the checker and makeup are the same color as your skin so that in this way fits correctly. The illuminator function is different, as its name suggests, enlighten, give points of light in different parts of the face.

4. And the blush? Too much rouge or applied without melting, do you end up looking like Heidi with her rosy cheeks. Blush always have to adapt to makeup to relocate at the time. If we decide to keep a very strong makeup on eyes and lips, blush should be applied as a blush. If, however, prefer to take a look nude, blush can become prominent intensifying the tone of our cheeks. Where exactly apply blush? The correct for shading area is focused on the top of our cheek, above the bone. We must difuminarlo from the middle of the cheekbone to the ear area and merge it with our makeup so there are no cuts.

5. Contouring, yes or no? All in perspective. The contouring is an ideal technique to correct or enhance our factions makeup, which helps us shape the face. For the day we can do, but in a very subtle way because if we can not get too artificial effect if we score too factions. However, for photography it is a perfect partner because this technique of chiaroscuro helps us define the face perfectly and aesthetically can achieve perfect optical level features.

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