3D printed biodegradable Heels (video)

Iran Behdad Ghodsi designer has developed an application called Atossa app through which customers can send images of your feet to print 3D heels fit perfectly to your shoes form.

As stated, the idea is to build a system focused on large consumers to reduce the workforce engaged in the manufacture and provide easy access to new products to ordinary people.

In short, is that everyone can use any design and print products with a normal 3D printer.
According to his estimate, three-dimensional printing with production speeds increase while costs are reduced.
To design their heels shoes and began sketching models in two dimensions, inspired intricate bone and organizational structures.

Then 3D printed prototype and asked several people who were to try and give specific information about style and ergonomics, to perfect it.
The next challenge was to find a way of uniting the top and the bottom, the sole with heel.
He tried to use printed straps or 3D but were not strong enough or did not allow the foot to fit comfortably in the shoe.

As it developed two concepts that users can select their preference of style and comfort level.
Ghodsi turned to 3D printing not only to create the fine and intricate pattern heel (for which would be impractical using traditional methods), but also to make the shoe as adaptable as possible.

Users can modify the ergonomics of the shoe based on the physical constitution of his foot and the choice of arches, heels and other elements, measured digitally.
As the heels are printed on organic plastic, they are biodegradable in the event that the customer wear or tire of them and throw them away.

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