• 10 secrets to build your wardrobe

10 secrets to build your wardrobe

What is the dream of every woman? Having a dressing that is practical, and the garments are sorted. Natalia Bula, of Mannequins, tells us the keys to make that dream a reality.

The dress is part of the picture and that is language. When a person is wearing is communicating something, which is what you want, or what they want to be. Edisur group consulted with a specialist fashion in Cordoba, Natalia Bula, one of the owners of the Mannequins Group, who tells us in this note what there is to know to design a wardrobe to your needs, comfortable and functional.

What are the benefits of having a dressing?

Getting up every day and not wonder: what should I wear ?, that is the problem that women have the mess we do with clothes. No doubt: profit is order.

What are the keys to putting together a good dressing?

1. Sort. Before designing our dressing room, you have to see the clothes, shoes and accessories you have. What I use and what not.

2. Identify our basic garments. The essentials are: a pair of jeans, black pants, a black dress, a black blazer, white shirt, a white shirt, a jacket of black leather and black stilettos. It does not occupy much space and is what we should first have sight.

3. Sort clothes. It is best to divide the clothes by color so when you're going to find what to wear, you much easier combination. First neutral, smooth, and then printed. Is the party clothes? In cases. Shirts and pants on hangers are hung, folded shirts.

4. Separate per station. If there is no space, the option is to accommodate another season clothes in boxes, with some flavoring; They can even go under the bed. If we have space, it is best to leave her hanging in a separate place.

5. Shoes. The most delicate, as those details or stones, must be left in the box. But we use daily are arranged in a shoe support to keep on hand. The issue is not taking up space and optimize it in the locker room.

6. Accessories. Belts, wallets, pendants and scarves should be in view. Otherwise, they often forget what we have.

7. Lighting. The best is the natural daylight. If possible, it should be as similar. None of colored lights that make confuse the tones of the garments.

8. Mirror. Essential. The ideal is one of 1.70 meters by 60 centimeters, so you can you see full body. From the hair to shoes.

9. Materials. Wood is the best. It is essential that the drawers open and close easily. You can not be fighting every time we have to look for a garment. If the dressing has doors or not, it is to everyone's taste.

10. Spaces guys? It is not impossible to have a dressing room. The secret is in the order and how to distribute the basics. The rest of the clothes, always taking care refills season.

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