• 10 myths about Feng Shui

10 myths about Feng Shui

WELLNESS - About feng shui, we often hear from detractors, those who are interested or who practice a lot of misinformation, myths that have nothing to do with him. Then difficult for a novice faced with such paradoxes to navigate.

These interpretations that have distorted the true feng shui certainly originated in the simplistic vision of New Age 70-80 years. In the bad translation of the works made at this time also. Finally, the difficulty for us Westerners to appreciate the subtleties of Chinese culture, a culture diametrically opposed to ours.

In order to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, so here is a most common overview of cliches about feng shui.

1. Feng shui is a religion!

It is neither a religion nor a philosophy or an occult science, let alone a common meditation or doctrine of a sect!

This Chinese practice which means wind and water dates back to over 6000 years.
Based on the observation of natural laws organized around time and space, it is intended to bring harmony in places where we live and work. Once found harmony, we can develop ourselves on every level: interpersonal, professional, financial, health ...

2. Sleeping head north

The issue of orientation is crucial in feng shui. But it does not require sleeping head north as we sometimes hear.

Feng shui recommends him, guiding the headboard to one of its top four directions calculated from the date of birth. These are ideal to relax, work, eat, or for other activities. This mapping is valid at home, office or elsewhere.

To have it tested, it works very well: people under stress or insomnia often sleep in the directions that are less favorable to them and orientation to the north is not suitable for everyone.

3. Banish room mirrors

Want to put a mirror in your room for its decorative function or "naughty"? Do not hold back! Just be sure to carefully position it over windows so that it could reflect light at night does not prevent you from sleeping.

The mirrors have no occult power or special mission in feng shui except enlarge the space and reflect light! They do not generate nightmares or insomnia, another invention of the genre ...

By cons, it is certain that it is better not to place a mirror opposite the entrance door, it is always worrying to be welcomed by his own reflection.

4. Fold down the toilet!

Toilets, when placed in front of the main entrance door, would be detrimental because the energy of the place would escape there with your savings ... It is often advisable to keep the toilet bowl and closed placing this space in an area of ​​the house that is not detrimental to the fate of family members ...

Seriously: this succession of superstition and symbolism of the primary! Close the door, maintain the space as any other, and if you want to decorate it, do not be shy! A door amply sufficient to isolate it from the rest of the house!

5. Feng shui is magic!

Think feng shui will solve everything with a magic wand? Sorry, this practice will be of no use!

If you do not register concrete actions and volunteers in your reality parallel to the work done in your home, it will not do anything. We all have the opportunity to realize our projects, it is still necessary to provide the means!

Similarly, it is strange or even dangerous to attribute power to objects: neither chimes, or the fountains and other charms will do the work for you! This new age feng shui and mercantile is not the true feng shui!

6. The feng shui and Zen is the same!

A space "zen" whose decoration is refined is not necessarily feng shui feng shui even if a space can make you Zen.

Feng shui is not synonymous with minimalism in the sense of living in a decorative universe reduced to a minimum but its practice that incorporates respect for the natural environment can reach a certain concept of eco-responsibility.

7. The disorder is the bane of feng shui

In feng shui, clutter creates obstacles to good energy flow: it's almost as if it prevented you from moving forward in your house and probably also in your head.

Order its space then resets harmony in his life and solve the problems at stake.

Needless to demonize disorder - because its definition is relative - the main question is how we organize space when things are not right in our lives. To meditate ! Besides, a little disorder in the order and therefore contributes to the movement to life.

8. Develop an aquarium or fountain to make a place feng shui!

Water is a potent activator in feng shui. Specific locations in space are allocated to it depending on the circumstances. To be taken lightly! Did you know for example that the feng shui does not recommend placing a bathroom (or any other source of water) in the center of the house because the element that characterizes the center is the Earth. This area must remain calm, be stabilized and not be disturbed by the moving water energy.

9. The white color is feng shui?

First, in feng shui, color is not essential! In the hierarchy of recommendations, remember this vital rule: the material is more than the form, which is itself more than color.

Although the symbolic white still in vogue speak of purity and innocence, pure white universe (home and office) are not recommended! They can, over time, to give a sad and empty feeling. It should vary the shades of white to create life, rhythm and a material fact or to accessorize it with furniture, objects and colorful fabrics. But now it is no longer of feng shui!

10. The feng shui is to the decor!

Feng shui has nothing to do with decorating but with the right placement of furniture, objects, openings, light sources; It especially allows the occupant to be in harmony with the energy characteristics of its space.

If the feng shui expert recommended to use the metal element to harmonize living room, you can opt for metal decorative items, spherical, white, gray, silver or gold.

But simple bowling or even pans would do nicely!

Moreover, the feng shui expert is not necessarily a decorator. His performance has often accompany and enrich that of the architect.

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